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Global Mapper

Essential Software for Spatial information

-GIS / GPS / RS software function provided

  • Viewer functions such as raster/vector data, altitude data, etc.

  • Data conversion, editing, output, GPS, 3D terrain/building display function

-Direct access to V-World, USGS satellite imagery and topographical map database (Terra Server, USA)

-World DEM (30m, 15m), WMS data access and download function

-Supports various file formats

  • Distance and area calculation, image synthesis, DEM extraction, volume calculation

  • Image coordinate projection (Georeferencing), vector data generation and editing, contour creation

  • LiDAR (las, Point Cloud, purchase of additional modules), GPS connection function, etc.


Photogrammetric processing of digital images and 3D spatial data generation

-Photo Alignment
-Polygonal Mesh Generation
-Texture Mapping

-Aerial Triangulation
-Polygon model creation (general/texture)
-Coordinate system setting

-Digital elevation model (DEM) generation
-OrthoPhoto creation


-Supported file formats

. Input: JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG MPO (Multi-Picture Format), etc.
. Output: GeoTiff, XYZ, Google KML, Wavefront OBJ, PLY, VRML, COLLADA, Universal 3D, 3DS Max, PDF etc.


Rapid processing of imagery from drones, aircrafts and satellites

-Aerotrangulation: exterior orientation and camera calibration
-DSM generation: Digital Surface Model and point clouds generation
-DTM extraction
-DEM editing
-Ortho correction: True Orthos generation

-Feature extraction: Semi-automated 3D feature collection
-Mosaic: image creation and seamline manual editing


. UAV video

. Satellite image

GeoEye, WorldView, ALOS Prism, IKONOS, SPOT, Cartosat, RADARSAT-2, Pléiades, KOMPSAT

. Aerial photography

Microsoft UltraCam, Intergraph Z/I DMC, ADS80, VM A3, RCD30, Phase One, Optech CS, Multi-camera setups, including obliques, Scanned films

Training & Education
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