The smartest platform

specialized in spatial information construction and management

4S Mapper 

Various spatial information and services are provided through video information captured by drones.

You can easily use them anytime, anywhere.

DaaS: Drone as a Service

Provides 3D and Pano from drone images that are used for building spatial information in a form of URL for easier access to analyses and reports


DaaS 3D

Uploads the images taken for building 3D spatial data to the platform with simple 'drag & drop'.

The whole process automated with a parallel processing-based network provides various data analysis and reports


DaaS Pano(360°)

Makes HTML5-based results from several images going through 360° Panoramic platform and a real-time auto-process (with mosaic and color correction process, etc.), which automatically sends the result to users in any OS & device.

dass pano.png

DTM: Drone Traffic Mapper/ Drone to Mapper

DTM provides novel solutions of aerial, water surface & ground surveying with drone’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain and eyes. Drone images become more valuable with Data Science Technology


When ML (machine learning) techniques are applied to drone image analysis, various forms of results can be generated, and by using drones, information about the whole and two-way lanes of the road can be effectively obtained beyond the limits of data acquisition by existing equipment.

dtm ml.png
주석 2020-07-14 161844.png


Based on drones, artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, DTM provides a state-based management optimization system for various facilities and connections with existing systems.

CfSM: Car-free Street Mapping

Based on DTM ML, it removes cars using deep learning algorithms, and those integrated images are combined to make car-free street maps. Also, it could be used for self-driving car simulation data with the real road information and HD Safety Map.